Where People Are Able To Go When Wanting To Learn More About Power Bi Vs Tableau So That They Can Make The Best Decision Possible

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Why You Should Hire An Expert Arborist In Sydney Inner West When You Want Your Trees Removed Quickly And Safely

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Questions to Ask The Manufacturer of Your Custom Made Furniture

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How To Find The Best Hair Salons Near Me

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Why You Should Consider Paella Catering In Sydney

Finding food options that can feed many guests at a reasonable price point, without sacrificing flavor is a big ask. Luckily there are food options out there that tick all the boxes, and Spanish dishes are some of the best. Ingredients are often very reasonably...

Are You Being Shortchanged With Scaffolding for Sale?

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How To Pick The Right Café Blinds For Your Shop

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Pertinent Questions To Ask Your After Hours Doctor

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The Importance of Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics relates to the backwards movement of products and goods in the supply chain. This can also relate to refurbishing and re-manufacturing of products. While we normally deal with products moving from distributor and then eventually to the customer the...

Are Professional Rubbish Removal Services Here to Stay or Simply a Fad?

When it comes to spending money, people have a right to be weary. There are hundreds of thousands of companies out there right this very second who are thinking up ways to get people to buy their products. As this is the case, there are many people out there who are...

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How To Find The Best Hair Salons Near Me

Finding the best hair salons near me is often a system of trial and error. However, who wants to test out their local beauty parlour by possibly sacrificing their own locks or curls? Thankfully, in the modern world of technology, there are many ways in which you can...

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How to Beat Motion Sickness on a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Going on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is an incredible experience, but it’s not much fun if you’re suffering from motion sickness. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to stop queasiness before it starts and make sure it doesn’t stop you from having a great time.


What is motion sickness?

It’s essentially nausea and dizziness caused by motion. It’s often triggered by moving in a vehicle such as a plane, bus or car. It’s believed to be caused by conflicting sensory signals in the ears, eyes and brain. The symptoms of motion sickness include:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Sweating
  • Salivation
  • Headache; and
  • Vomiting

Some of the risk factors for experiencing motion sickness are:

If you are prone to experiencing motion sickness, it’s a good idea to take some precautions before embarking on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour in order to have the best experience possible. Some of the ways you can prevent it include:


Being mindful of your consumption

Before your flight it’s a good idea to avoid consuming anything that could potentially disagree with your stomach. Foods that make you feel full, have strong odours or are heavy or spicy may make symptoms worse in certain people. Excessive alcohol and cigarette smoking could also worsen symptoms.


Consume ginger

Ginger is a natural plant which many people find helps prevent nausea and other symptoms of motion sickness. Try taking 1-2 grams of ginger 30-60 minutes before your Grand Canyon helicopter tour for optimum results. You can take it in tablet, liquid or raw form. Consult with your doctor before you use ginger if you are on blood thinners.


Ride smart

The front of the chopper experiences less motion than the back, so try to sit towards the front if you can. And if you’re really sensitive to motion sickness, try to avoid looking down as the increased visual motion may cause symptoms to be heightened. Focusing on a fixed point inside the vehicle can also make symptoms worse. Instead, focus on the horizon. Pilots generally don’t experience motion sickness as they are looking at the horizon.


Use “verbal placebos”

Studies have shown that using “verbal placebos” –  like telling yourself that you won’t get motion sickness – is effective at stopping it from occurring. Use positive self-talk to reduce the likelihood of experiencing motion sickness on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour.


Exposure therapy

Exposing yourself to symptoms of motion sickness may help you become desensitised to them. This can help to reduce symptoms or abolish them altogether. Try to expose yourself to quick bursts of symptom-causing activities such as reading on a bus, and work your way up to longer periods. Over time, you may notice that your symptoms are alleviated.


Try acupressure

Some people find acupressure to be an effective way to prevent motion sickness on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, though studies have shown conflicting results. Pharmacies sell wristbands which claim to activate pressure points in order to relieve symptoms.


Use over-the-counter medication

For people with severe motion sickness, or if the above suggestions don’t work, over-the-counter medication may be able to help. Taking a medication such as Dramamine 30-60 minutes before take-off can help prevent symptoms from striking, though drowsiness is a common side effect of the drug. Consult your doctor for personalised advice; there are other alternatives such as medical patches that may be useful.



Be sure to put preventative measures in place to reduce the likelihood of experiencing motion sickness on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour.

Left Out In The Cold

Walking through the snow and all I could think about was the hot water cylinder. The warmth that water would produce in my body is nearly unimaginable at this point. There are icicles forming at the end of my nose and fingers. Feeling my toes is a privilege I have long since forgotten. My shoes, not exactly built for 6 inches of snow, are a mix of soggy and frozen. Sometimes I think I feel ice forming between my foot and the shoe, I’m too scared to check. Taking my foot out of shoe would be leaving it completely open to the elements, far away from the comfort of warmth produced by a hot water cylinder.

A hot water cylinder, if you didn’t know, is a thing of magic. I’m not sure exactly how it works but I am sure it does. It has never ever let me down. Producing boiling hot water at the touch of a button, it is perfect for multiple uses. That cup of tea you’ve been craving all day or eliminating the waiting time for your shower, or in this case something to defrost the frozen substance accumulating underneath my foot.


I walk on trying to push the thoughts of a hot water cylinder to the back of my head. The events of the past 30 minutes travel around my head as if they are in a washing machine, wash, rinse, repeat. Wash, rinse, repeat. Heat seems like a distant memory but it was only just over half an hour ago that I was sitting in a car with one of my best friends. We were just coming out of the city, the sprawling suburbs had given way to forests, kilometres of forests, with a sleek white blanket covering them, it looked magical, but cold. Not that I thought it would happen, but I knew if you were left alone in a place like this, my thoughts would turn to the beauty of a hot water cylinder sooner rather than later.

Ironically, what led to this terrible turn of events was an argument about a hot water cylinder. Well, it was a discussion at first, which quickly turned into a heated one, excuse the pun. My friend, now possibly ex-friend decided in all his wisdom that if he had the choice about what method he would use to heat water, he would choose the old fashioned one. One that heated homes, rather inefficiently in my opinion, for years upon years. He argued that there was no need for change. That if his grandparents were able to survive why she he be any different, why couldn’t we keep the old way. He, it is fair to say, is a traditionalist, living in the 21st century but with a mind entrenched in the 20th.

I argued back that a hot water cylinder was the future of heat in the house. It was efficient, inexpensive and good for the environment. I couldn’t fathom how he held the opposite opinion. I was beginning to question not just his sanity, but mine too for being friends with him in the first place.

Our argument continued at length but as we continued, we both began to get more agitated, things turned personal and shortly after I found myself trudging through the snow with my wet shoes, my wet socks and a pang of regret. I’m not sure what we were both thinking becoming so agitated but when you truly believe in something’s quality, you have to stick up for it and that’s what I did when it came to the hot water cylinder.


What You Need to Know About Blockchain Incubator Programs

You may have heard the term ‘blockchain incubator’ in the news or media lately but are unsure as to what it means. This article will outline the meaning, importance and steps to enrolling in one.

What is a blockchain incubator program?

A blockchain incubator program aims to support to start-ups and entrepreneurs in the emerging industry by providing training, financing and networking opportunities. They are typically run by consortiums or companies. Programs generally cover the three key stages of a start-up’s development: formation, pre-ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and post-ICO.

What is Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?

ICO is a way of raising funds for cryptocurrency start-ups. It involves the offering of units or tokens to investors, who provide payment in the form of another cryptocurrency in exchange. The benefit of ICO to investors is that they get a stake in the company – in the hope that it will eventually appreciate in value (so that it can be traded for a profit).

The current major global ICOs are:

Combined, these 6 ICOs have raised over $1 billion. It’s big business!

Why are blockchain incubator programs important?

At just ten years of age, the field of cryptocurrency technology is still in its fledgling stage. In order to help the industry grow, adequate support, funding and training are essential. Placing start-up ventures in a blockchain incubator program is a great way to nurture and develop them to the point where they become self-sufficient, powerful and high-value players.


What exactly do they provide?


Blockchain incubator programs generally focus on two key areas – technology and business. The former offers insight into cryptocurrency technology and how it can be applied as a business solution. The latter provides help for those who lack the knowledge of how to establish their idea as a solid business; it usually offers business education, industry connections and investment opportunities.

They typically offer the following services:


Matching entrepreneurs with people who have a higher degree of experience in the field is a great way to transfer knowledge and wisdom onto up-and-coming industry players.


Workshops are a great educational tool, providing those working in start-ups with business and industry information from experts in the field.

Community events & networking opportunities

Attending community and networking events are great ways to get involved in the cryptocurrency community. They allow those in start-ups the opportunity pitch their business to investors and the government and the chance to meet other likeminded people.


While having adequate financial resources is crucial for any business, it’s especially important in the cryptocurrency field – emerging start-ups require greater resources initially in order to find their feet. A blockchain incubator program may be able to provide financing and investment opportunities to entrepreneurs.


How do you get into a program?

To enrol in a program, first locate a blockchain incubator provider. There are many around the world, including Melbourne in Australia. Read the information on their website or contact them to find out about what their program offers and how to apply.

Providers will typically select the start-ups that they feel have the most potential, though don’t let this deter you – some companies aim to provide programs to more than 1,000 start-ups annually, which means there’s plenty of room for everyone. Do your research in order to find the program that suits your start-up best.



In a competitive international market it is essential that start-ups acquire every advantage in order to be commercially viable. Blockchain incubator programs provide start-ups with the support and resources necessary for success.

The Future of Rubbish Removal in Sydney

It’s a known fact that the planet has an exponentially rising population. With more people alive and consuming we are creating more junk than ever. If we continue down this path with our current technology and current methods of rubbish removal in Sydney we won’t survive much longer. May scientists and professionals are aware of this concern and from such have dedicated countless hours and funds into ensuring that we can live on this planet for much longer.

There are already new methods and projects in the works while some have already started to be introduced. Below we are going to explore the future of rubbish removal in Sydney and how it can benefit the whole world.


Circular consumer model

The current consumer model that we have implemented is create – use – dispose. This model needs to be eliminated entirely and we need to adopt a more circular based consumer model. Where companies and consumers need to change to create an infinite loop of recycling and reusing. While we have adopted our previous model for a very long time, this new way of thinking will be hard to initially adopt but is the direction that our society needs to adapt to. Our city already has recycling methods implemented but they are seen as a hassle more than a necessity. For rubbish removal in Sydney to be sustainable we must take recycling seriously. This doesn’t just term from a consumer perspective but also should become the responsibility of manufacturers.


Consider trash as a resource

pile of garbage

Currently our world is littered with junk which means we need to start with how we conceive that junk. We have the wrong idea of junk of it being useless when it reality it is a valuable commodity. It is materials that can be reused and recycle into new items. Some countries have already seen the value in waste which has turned it into a very profitable business. These countries have figured out how to effectively burn the junk to turn it into energy that essentially runs everything. The effectiveness of this method has reached such a high point that they are having to buy waste from other countries to ensure that their plants don’t stop running.


Turn waste into energy

As previously mentioned there are already countries that are undergoing the transformation and turning their waste and junk into energy. This can be used an alternative to the current energy production methods that we have and also gets rid of excess waste. When we are able to reach the point of optimal efficiency waste becomes a valuable resource as it will be able to sustain towns and even cities. Rubbish removal companies in Sydney are doing their part to make this happen by knowing which materials are recyclable. Wen you enlist the services of a professional they separate your waste into the appropriate groups and dispose of them to the best of their ability as of right now. If we get to the point where we can make energy out of waste, rubbish removal companies in Sydney won’t be redundant but rather more desirable. With their knowledge and expertise they will be able to effectively and efficiently take the right waste to the right place.

These methods could potentially save our planet and make a real difference. As for now your best bet is to go with a professional rubbish removal company in Sydney. Their expertise and experience is unmatched as they know they are most effective and reliable methods to currently get rid of our junk. When we finally get around to adopting these methods, these companies will become a very important part of our society.

Future SEO Trends To Watch In 2019

For many online operators, there is enough to deal with in 2018 to even consider the prospects of future SEO trends in 2019 and beyond.

It is the clever, savvy and long-term thinkers in the industry of digital marketing who already have one eye on the developing trends that are soon to take place.

Search engine optimization by its very nature is an exercise that is designed through continual endeavour with months and years of groundwork that underpins a successful project.

Even describing in SEO in terms of a “campaign” does not do justice to the effort that is necessary across this lengthy time period, with only a handful of rare short-term measures helping this process along.

So if you are part of those many SEO agency managing websites who is already on the lookout for 2019 trends in digital marketing, what should you be identifying?


Video To Trump Written Articles

What optimisers will already tell you is what they have been told for years – video content is the most effective form of digital marketing you can access. When attempting to gauge future SEO trends in 2019, it is important to note that search engine results pages (SERPs) will have a higher portion of purely video content that ever before. Those who have analysed and studied the phenomenon are adamant that before long, video pages will be more prevalent than written text. This will be akin to the 2016 paradigm shift when more worldwide internet use occurred on smartphones than on desktops.



Amazon To Become Popular Search Engine

There are a handful of key players currently circulating in the search engine market. With Google holding a monopoly over others, there is Bing and Yahoo enjoying a smaller slice of the pie. To examine future SEO trends that will be taking place in the digital marketing sphere, it is worthwhile tracking the progress of Amazon and their desire to become a major player in this landscape. The concept of Amazon SEO is booming as businesses and branded-entities are attempting to maximise their exposure through Amazon portals.


Search Intent To Become Widely Prevalent

There has been a gradual transition away from exact keywords to conversational speech as per the recent Google algorithm updates. When taking into account future SEO trends that will be occurring in 2019 and beyond, it is valuable to stop and consider the concept of search intent over actual search terms used. No longer will search engines take a search on face value as the technology will attempt to understand hidden meanings and interpretations in the event of a vague or abstract search endeavour. This will take into account search history, purchasing history and other factors to help deliver a more satisfying experience.


Voice Search To Overtake Written Search

Given the rise in popularity of smart devices in the household via Alexa and Siri, it is clear that one distinct innovation is already on our doorstep. Voice search falls under the banner of future SEO trends only in name, as digital marketing experts draw a parallel between the increase in search intent evolutions and the purchases of Siri and Alexa consoles. By 2019 there will be a more even distribution of written to search enquiries, and this phenomenon will escalate following the introduction of new and improved smart device consoles.


Authorities To Have Chief Wielding Power

It is too much of a generalistion to think of an authority on a niche as deriving from a major corporate brand. Search engines are too dynamic and intricate for that to be the blanket rule. What is a factor when gauging future SEO trends for the 2019 digital marketing landscape is a need for online entities to become an authority on a topic through clever strategy. That will ultimately win out against other players in the marketplace. It is a long-term play with no short-term fixes, but that early groundwork will still play dividends for the foreseeable future with organic search results.


Top Tips for Choosing a Sydney Criminal Lawyers in Sydney NSW

It is impossible to predict what the future holds for you, and you always hope that only good things will happen in your life; but often life throws curveballs and you end up in situations you never would have expected. There may come a time where you find yourself in need of a Sydney criminal lawyer in Sydney NSW. If you are in this situation, it is important to know how to choose the best attorney to argue your case. So, keep reading to find out some top tips for choosing a Sydney criminal lawyer in Sydney NSW.


Do You Need Defending, or are You Prosecuting?

The first thing you should think about when you are looking to hire a Sydney criminal lawyer in Sydney NSW is whether you need defending, or if you a prosecuting. You will need a defence attorney if someone is claiming you have done something wrong, however if you are accusing someone of a wrongdoing, you will need a prosecutor. Oftentimes, legal professionals will decide early on in their career if they wish to be a defence or prosecution barrister, and the rest of their learning and career will be focused on that side of the law. Due to this expert knowledge, it is wise to pick a legal professional who specializes in whichever side of the case you are on.


Find an Expert

Another important thing to remember is that there are lots of different areas of the law; it is unlikely that any legal professional will be an expert in all of them. There are, however, generalists who have a basic knowledge of all sectors, but when dealing with a complicated case, it is better to hire an expert. If you have family issues, you should opt for a family solicitor, but if you are about to undergo a criminal case, you should definitely hire a Sydney criminal lawyer in Sydney NSW. This will give you the best chance of winning the case and getting the outcome you desire; an expert will have in depth knowledge and plenty of ideas in regards to the best approach.


Think About Costs

Sydney criminal lawyers in Sydney NSW are unfortunately not cheap. A good attorney can and will cost a fair amount. This is why it is so important to know how much you can afford before hiring someone; you also need to be upfront and discuss how much you are willing to pay and make sure you understand the fees involved. Although with some things you get what you pay for, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the most expensive option is the best, on the other hand, the cheapest option isn’t always the most suitable. So, use your price range to narrow down the options, then choose the best one for your needs. Price shouldn’t be the only factor to consider, but make sure you are aware of the costs before settling on a legal professional.


Success Rate

This is a really important one when it comes to hiring a Sydney criminal lawyer in Sydney NSW. Once you have narrowed it down to a few potential candidates, you shouldn’t forget to look at their track record. What is their success rate? What cases have they been involved in in the past, and what was the outcome? This person is going to be advising you on legal matters and arguing your side, so it is essential that whoever you choose wins’ cases a decent amount of the time. Obviously it is impossible for someone to win every single case for their clients, but someone who has won a good percentage of their cases is a good sign. You need to feel confident that this person will give you the best chance of winning- so you do need to be a little picky.

How the criminal justice system in the US works

The criminal justice system in the United States of America consists of three basic institutions which are:

  1. Law enforcement – Any case begins with the law enforcement officials investigating a crime to gather evidence against the presumed perpetrator.
  2. Court System – It further continues with the court weighing the evidence to determine if the defendant is guilty as charged.
  3. Corrections – If this is proven, the corrections system will ensure the criminal receives the punishment he/she deserves through incarceration and probation.

It is essential to understand that through each stage of the process, constitutional protections exist to deliver justice and ensure that the accused is allowed his/her rights.

Step 1: Law Enforcement

The two most important of these rights are the Miranda advisement and the Fourth Amendment prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures.

Miranda rights are the familiar phrase, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be held against you in the court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.” Officers must remind the accused of these rights before they proceed any further.

The prohibition on unreasonable searches and seizures makes it compulsory for officers to obtain a search warrant, without which they are not permitted to search the home of a suspect.

Step 2: Court System

One of the confinements on the court’s capacity to prosecute a case incorporates the privilege to stand up to one’s accusers, the right against implicating one’s self, the opportunity to counsel, and the privilege to a jury trial.

The defendant has the privilege to be represented by either a lawyer of their picking or if they can’t bear the cost of one, a court-designated counsel. The jury must be a reasonable cross-section of the community, which by and large won’t result in a panel comprised of a particular race or gender.

Step 3: Corrections


If convicted and punished to imprisonment, the accused will be sent to the corrections system to serve their term. This comprises of probation, incarceration, or both.

Probation can be either monitored or unmonitored. Probation that is monitored requires the offender to regularly check in with an officer to ensure compliance with the terms of his probation. Unmonitored probation means that an individual only faces imprisonment if they evade law any further.

Incarceration too is a common result of criminal trials and more so in case of serious criminal charges. The offender is housed subjected to a jail or prison term. Jails are usually for less serious offenses and do not exceed one year. Prison terms are longer than a year and are for serious crimes.



The Gun Law in the US

The possession of firearms is legal in the USA according to the Second Amendment of the constitution. Here are some interesting facts about the gun laws in the USA:

  1. Minimum age requirement

The minimum age according to the Gun Control Act of 1968 ( GCA) requires the citizens, and the legal residents must be 18 years of age to purchase guns such as shotguns, rifles, and ammunition. The other firearms such as handguns sold to people about the age of 21 and above. Local officials will implement higher age restrictions but are not allowed to lower the federal minimum.

  1. Who can purchase or possess firearms?

Criminals, people who are claimed to be a danger to the society and patients who are committed to mental institutions are the users who may not purchase the firearms. Citizens who have dealt with prison sentence exceeding a year or having prison sentences above two years are prohibited from buying weapons. The law has also blocked the sale of guns to people who have used them illegally or caught using controlled substances within the past year. Substances include marijuana, though legalized in some states but remains illegal under the federal law. The gun shop owners should possess a license from the ATF to operate. Some other restrictions are for people having restraining orders by the court to prevent harassment, threatening, etc.

  1. Who can have a License?

Like many handgun owners, sellers interested in having a Federal Firearms License ( FFL) should be 21 years of age or above. They must have an enclosure for conduction the business and must be aware of the law enforcement official at the time of submitting the applications to the federal bureau that regulates firearms. Same as the gun owners they should fulfill the criteria stating their history of any prior convictions and mental health. Also selling the guns online has the same regulations. The firearm purchased online but must be shipped to a registered FFL holder to conduct backgrounds checks of the owner.


  1. States permit to carry firearms

Many states ask for permits to carry the handguns. Taking the gun in a concealed or open manner varies from state to state whereas some states do not require you to possess a permit. The permit is not required by all the states to carry rifles and shotgun. In places like Massachusetts, new jersey, a firearms identification is needed to carry a rifle and a shotgun.

  1. States permit to purchase firearms

From the 50 states in the US, only a dozen states require purchase permits for handguns. Out of these states, three states; California, Connecticut, and Hawaii requires the permit to purchase of rifles. In California, the applicant is required to pass a written test and also enroll in a gun safety class to get the permit.

Citizen’s Rights in the USA

Human rights are the fundamentals of any given society across the globe. And the United States is one of the most significant patrons of Human rights, both nationally and globally.

Here are some of the fundamental human rights applicable to citizens and residents of the United States of America :

  1. Equality-

It is the fundamental right of anyone in the United States to be free of discrimination and be treated as equals in society. This broad banner covers equality regardless of race, gender, and disability. Others recently added under this banner are the LGBTQ and intersex community.

  1. Privacy –

Under the privacy right, the types of privacy offered constitutionally are the privacy of abortion, patients privacy to terminate medical treatment and sexual privacy, etc.

  1. Free and fair trial –

This section deals with the rights of criminal suspects and other civil cases. Under this, the suspects who cannot afford their attorney can demand council for a free and fair trial. Also, the person arrested must be informed about their rights.

  1. Right to practice religion –


Every person in the United States has the freedom to practice the religion of their choice, and there is no constitutional binding on the same. With this in mind, schools in the US are allowed to hold prayers before class or allocate silence for prayer.

  1. Right to Expression –

Freedom of expression, which includes speech, media, and public assembly is a crucial right and has special protection.

  1. Freedom to travel –

A citizen’s right to travel through public highways and the transit of his properties either by carriage or by automobile is a right which he has under the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

  1. Freedom to join associations –

Freedom of association is an individuals’ right to become a part of groups for political action or to pursue common interests of the members of a group.

  1. The right to revolution –

Dissent is a fundamental right. It permits necessary action to overthrow a government that goes against public interests.

  1. Right to petition –

The right to request or pretention the government to either do or refrain from doing something. You can write to the politicians and ask them to work for the passage of laws in your favor or change the laws that you do not like.

  1. The right to enjoy other freedoms –
  • Freedom to reside and travel anywhere in our nation
  • Freedom to work at the desired job
  • Freedom to wed and bring up a family
  • Freedom to obtain a cost-free education in good public schools
  • Freedom to become a member of a political party, a union, and other legal groups



10 Things you must know about the US Immigration and Citizenship Law

Immigration laws in the U.S define an individual’s status of citizenship and residency, which binds them with the concerned rights and obligations. The law is also involved in the management of non-residents rights to residency, nationality, or visitation. Deportation too is a part of the immigration law. Here are some of the critical aspects of U.S’s Immigration Law that you must be aware of :

US Immigration

  1. In order to naturalize, you must be a green card holder for a minimum period of five continuous years and three years if you are married to a U.S. citizen spouse while a permanent resident yourself. Different rules apply to asylees, refugees, active military service members and veterans.
  2. If you have stayed abroad for a period of six months or more continuously, you need to explain the reason for your long absence. In case of absence for a year or more, you need to speak to an immigration law expert before you apply for U.S. citizenship.
  3. If you are the family of the following, you will qualify for permanent citizenship: the spouse of a U.S. citizen, daughter or son of a U.S. citizen (either married or single), unmarried daughter or son of a permanent resident, and sibling of a U.S. citizen.
  4. Children who are born illegitimate count as children or daughter or son when the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services looks into a parent/child relationship.
  5. If you have met an immigration officer during your last visit to the United States, you can interview there for permanent residence, the process is called the adjustment of status, in case you are the spouse, parent ( Child must be above 21 ) or unmarried child, of a U.S. citizen.
  6. If you’re a recipient of the green card before age 18, and one of your parents is a citizen of the U.S.A, you automatically become a U.S. citizen.
  7. The authority to grant you legal immigration advice is only given to a lawyer, a paralegal under a lawyer, or an individual accredited by the Board of Immigration Appeals.
  8. The Visa Waiver Program permits citizens of specified countries to visit the U.S. for 90 days. This permit cannot be utilized to attend school, to work, or to apply for residency. The purpose is to promote tourism. A total of Thirty-seven countries are a part of this program.
  9. The Temporary Protected Status is for individuals currently in the U.S. and whose home countries are affected by natural disasters, war, or other temporary, dangerous circumstances. The law permits their stay in the U.S for an additional six, 12, or 18 months.
  10. Illegal immigrants are deported if they commit a crime once in the U.S. Things like not reporting a change of address and false documents can lead to deportation.