Reasons why Shopping in Supermarket has Changed Drastically

The retail analysing talks about how the supermarket industry of the U.S and everywhere else has come under a dramatic modification since the time it has emerged right from 1940’s. Where earlier a single shop would serve their shoppers with beverages and food needs,...

How To Pick When You Are Trying To Decide Between Leather Lounges And Recliners

While purchasing furniture can be a whole lot of fun, it can also be something that brings up a bit of anxiety and confusion. This is because good furniture pieces cost a great deal of money and so people want to make sure that they are investing in something that...

Is Money The Only Indication of Quality For Criminal Lawyers in Sydney?

Clients would be easily mistaken for making the assumption that the only means of judging quality with O'Sullivan Legal criminal lawyers in Sydney is how much they bill their constituents. For the high-end of town with white-collar cases, they are often viewed as the...

How a Rubbish Removal Company Rates Well Online

In 2019 it is a key metric for local businesses to not only enjoy a strong community reputation but to rate well online. From search engine results to social media domains and industry related apps and websites that detail customer feedback, modern organisations are...

Why Online Printing Services Are On The Rise And Why You Should Get Yourself In On The Action

There may be some people out there right now who are wondering why so many small businesses and brands are working with Carbon8 that offer online printing services. It seems like almost every Youtuber out there has some kind of print that can be purchased on their...

Why Homeowners Prefer Investing in Wrought Iron Fences For Their Property

Wrought iron fences are the product of choice for local homeowners who want to invest in a product worth their while. Although there are other materials and designs on the market, products from Ironstyle are the best option for residents given their wide array of...

How To Find Balloon Delivery In Sydney That Offers A Same Day Service When You Are In A Pinch

When two people decide to bring life into this world, there can be no other moment that matches this. The only problem is that this wonderful event happens to bring along a whole bunch of social conventions that must go with this such as attending a baby shower and...

Tips For Picking The Ideal Executor Of Your Will In NSW

Your last will and testament (LW&T) are your final legal declarations of who you want to inherit your assets after you die. Naturally, this area of the law is complicated because the final wishes of a deceased person are often subject to scrutiny by other parties who...

Where People Are Able To Go When Wanting To Learn More About Power Bi Vs Tableau So That They Can Make The Best Decision Possible

When people find themselves in the position where they are ready to finally implement something new in their company, it is absolutely imperative that people perform a little bit of research first so that they know exactly what they are investing in. This will help...

Why You Should Hire An Expert Arborist In Sydney Inner West When You Want Your Trees Removed Quickly And Safely

For those who may be reading this article, they may be wondering how on Earth they are able to have a tree removed from their property. They may live in an already established property and have noticed that the branches are starting to droop over existing structures,...

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Questions to Ask The Manufacturer of Your Custom Made Furniture

Home and business owners are continuing to opt for custom made furniture and avoiding a scenario where retail outlets are dictating what products you should be able to buy.

From the type of material to the size, weight and aesthetic of the item, shoppers are empowering themselves to craft designs that are suited to their tastes and their unique environment.

As the client though, there are some pertinent questions to ask a manufacturer who can deliver the goods, ensuring that you are protected and informed about their practice and expertise ahead of time.


What Items Can You Customize?

Before you proceed with any other talking points, it is vital that the client asks the manufacturer of the custom made furniture what is possible and what is off limits. The designer should be able to offer a wide range of services, but they will often promote themselves as specialists within the niche. Try and see where their boundaries are set, from sofas and lounges to modular seating, benches, coffee tables, chairs, cabinets, bookcases, shelving or other elements that will add value to the home or office. If you are pleased with their results, it is worthwhile using their business again to craft and shape other pieces that can be optimized.


Can You Offer a Blueprint and Fabric Swatch?

The more information that you have as the client ahead of time, the less anxiety and doubt will creep in as you look to purchase quality custom made furniture. To help alleviate stress regarding this concern, it is worthwhile obtaining a blueprint for the actual design complete with the requisite dimensions to ensure that the fitting is appropriate. Once this benchmark has been checked off the list, the next stage is to receive a fabric swatch, a sample that gives clients a tangible touch and feel for the leather, linen, wool, silk, polyster, cotton or synthetic material.


What Is Your Development Timeframe?


As the client, you should already have your own timetable to integrate custom made furniture into a living room, bedroom or space of your own choosing. Yet these items cannot be crafted at the flick of a switch as it will require careful diligence and expertise to have the product shaped to fit the environment. See what the expected development time will be and ensure they will not work well beyond what your expectations are.


How Much Will This Cost?

The budget is a central concern for clients who often doubt the credentials of custom made furniture designers who extend projects and include too many costs. Source an agreement that stipulates what the budget for the creation will be to protect the investment from blowing out of control.


Will These Items Require Additional Conditioning and Maintenance?

The care and consideration for the quality of the custom made furniture should not stop on the moment of delivery. For a number of hand crafted products, it might be a need degree of polishing, waxing, mending or cleaning to keep its conditioning standards up to scratch. This will give it added value and durability.



The fact of the matter is not every manufacturer who designs custom made furniture will be forthcoming with all of these details. Whether they do not have the time and resources to meet these customer service requests or they are seeking not to disclose information that reflects poorly on their business, you always have the option of taking your money elsewhere. Any changes and alterations will require labour and that could be an additional investment that comes with the investment. Decide upon your budget, know what the purpose of the product is and ensure that you can enjoy an open dialogue with the provider, because those elements together should deliver the best results.


How To Find The Best Hair Salons Near Me

Finding the best hair salons near me is often a system of trial and error. However, who wants to test out their local beauty parlour by possibly sacrificing their own locks or curls? Thankfully, in the modern world of technology, there are many ways in which you can evaluate and assess various hair salons in your area, before making an appointment with one of them. Here is a quick guide on how to ensure that you make the best decision possible.


Search Google first

Save yourself some time and do a quick Google search of “hair salons near me.” This way, you can get a feel of who the local competitors are, where they are located and what specific services they offer. Hop onto their websites and peruse through what they offer and how bookings work. It’s important you know where these businesses are located so you know you can get there in time for any scheduled appointments. Also, typing in the exact phrase “hair salons near me” is an effective key word that will target all local beauty parlours.


Ask around

While there is certainly a lot of helpful information on the internet, sometimes the best advice or tips are from your friends and family. The key, however, is to ask people with the best styles. Ask them to consider the question “Where are the best hair salons near me?” Obviously, if they live far away from you this doesn’t help you, so make sure you ask friends who live in the local area.


Check out social media

social media sites icons

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have irrevocably changed the way we connect with people. At the same time, these platforms have indelibly shaped how we do business and discover new things. You can use the search function to find beauty parlours with a Facebook page or you could simply make a post asking, “Where are the best hair salons near me?” Maybe list your area and areas you would consider travelling to. Then just wait for your social media friends and network to respond to your post with their suggestions. A simple and effective way to broaden your search.


Read reviews

Check out reviews on the beauty parlour’s website to gauge how effective and reliable they are. The most accurate and reliable endorsers of a product or service are those that use it all the time (i.e. the customer base). Hop online and check out Google reviews as well, as these tend to be quite accurate. Any reviews that are dishonest are often flagged by Google and taken down, so you can rest assured that most of the reviews are accurate and worthy of consideration.


Know what they specialize in

hair coloring

A male barber is quite obviously going to specialise more in men’s grooming needs, as oppose to women. Having said this, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the barber can’t provide their service to women. However, if you are looking for a polished, professional look, then you’ll need to be thinking “where are the best hair salons near me”, while also considering what styles your local beauty parlour specialises in.


Make sure it’s in your price range

Finally, before you make an appointment with your local hair salon, make sure you can afford their services. Prices should be listed on their website, so you don’t have to have an awkward phone call with a sales representative, admitting that it’s a little out of your budget. Remember, the most expensive hair salon near you isn’t necessarily the best in the field. Don’t gauge quality off price and do your research before making an appointment.




Why You Should Consider Paella Catering In Sydney

Finding food options that can feed many guests at a reasonable price point, without sacrificing flavor is a big ask. Luckily there are food options out there that tick all the boxes, and Spanish dishes are some of the best. Ingredients are often very reasonably priced, the service is fast and cheap and your guests will love it. Read on below to find out why you should try it at your next event.


It’s cost effective

One of the best reasons to get paella catering at Sydney events is it’s cost effectiveness, the ingredients in the traditional Spanish dish are fairly inexpensive and cooking the tasty dish is much less labour intensive then many kinds of event cooking, reducing the typical cost of feeding guests dramatically.

If budget is an important consideration for your event then paella catering in Sydney is the way to go. It doesn’t get much less expensive than this per head!

You can of course up the cost with premium ingredients, but you really do get bang for your buck. The Spanish dish is a tasty, well loved food option that makes an impression without needing to rely on expensive ingredients or fancy chef techniques.

This is the option to go for if you’re after cost savings at your next event!


It feeds many


If you have a lot of people attending your event than paella catering in Sydney is a great choice. The Spanish dish can be cooked on large hot plates, making many servings at one time means that it can feed many very fast!

For events with hundreds of guests attending there is no doubt this is one of the best ways to go, you can serve up and feed many guests much faster than many more labour intensive options, and without half as many staff required.

For fast service and filling, satisfying food, this is the way to go. It’s perfect for any big event.


It’s tasty

The problem with a lot of food options used at events with a lot of guests attending, is that they tend to be fairly boring and bland. Taste and quality are sacrificed in the name of making sure everyone is fed. Big events tend to serve up boring food fare. This is why paella catering in Sydney is a great choice. Whilst it can be cooked en mass, it’s still very tasty and packs a punch to the taste buds. Using traditional Spanish cooking methods, spice and things such as lemon and lime for garnish make this a comforting, tasty dish.

Almost everyone will enjoy this food option, and it can be easily customized to fit different dietary requirements.

If you want to make sure the food it both enjoyable, and filling at your events then paella catering in Sydney is the way to go.


It’s memorable

Paella catering in Sydney is a memorable and interactive food experience. Unlike a lot of food service options, where all the cooking is done in the kitchen and then dished up as a table service, the Spanish rice dish is often cooked amongst the crowd on big hot plates and then eaten on the go, allowing your guests to see their food being cooked and letting them mingle and enjoy the whole experience.

If you want the food at your event to be talked about for years to come then there can be no doubt that this is one of the best ways to do it.

Paella catering in Sydney is one of the best ways to get a relaxed, fun vibe happening at your event and will be the talking point of your party.

Are You Being Shortchanged With Scaffolding for Sale?

Have you come across scaffolding for sale but are unsure if the price tag is warranted?

Aside from seeking out a warranty, there are some helpful tips to consider when buying an item for a building project.

Let’s run through them before proceeding with the transaction.


In Line With Modern Scaffolding Standards

Working in accordance with workplace law is fundamental for any Australian business or project manager. Seeking out for scaffolding does not relieve any individual of their responsibility to find a model that is legally sound because the ramifications of using a structure that has not been cleared for inspection will lead to financial and physical damages. Practitioners will be shortchanged if it is purchased from a brand that does not adhere to these standards.


Ease of Assembly

There are three core formats that will be examined when looking at scaffolding as they can be broken down into rolling, suspended or supported designs. What can be key with each of these elements is the need to have a user-friendly and easy assembly process. Even professional developers find it timely and costly to invest their own endeavour in erecting and taking down a structure during the project. If the instruction manual comes included as part of the package and a free online video tutorial can be ascertained to walk you through the steps, that will be very handy.


Durable Material

It is important to note that a search for scaffolding can be undone if the material that is originally sourced cannot stand up to basic scrutiny. This will include appropriate load bearing, proximity to hazards and exposure to the elements – namely extreme weather conditions. The best types of materials in these settings can be found with tubular, steel and aluminium, each one providing a degree of strength and resistance against rain, wind, heat and consistent use by team members during development.


Right Profile of Design


Identifying scaffolding that is of high quality could be enough to convince a sight manager or commercial operator to invest in the product. Yet it is important to note that a client can be shortchanged simply because their item is not compatible with the terrain or it is not suited to the amount of traffic and weight loading that will be pressured on the poles, railings and planks. From single to double poles, steel models, suspended designs or trestle products, often the best choice will surround what the nature of the project will be and how it will integrate into the setting of the building.


Industry Pricing Adherence

The prices that are on offer when it comes to scaffolding can fluctuate depending on a range of factors. It will take into account the diameter of the design, the strength and durability of the material, the complication of the construction, the quantity and quality of the supporting features and any added fees like transport and GST. To get a better gauge of what could be charged by an outlet, a two-metre item can set a builder back approximately $2,000-$3,000 with a 4-metre brand usually marketed at twice that valuation. It could be deemed more affordable and practical for the project manager or client to hire the equipment at a discounted rate, ensuring that they do not need to carry the burden of owning the good outright.



You won’t be shortchanged as a client when seeking scaffolding if you do some basic homework and check to see what the industry standards and expectations are. These structures are not short-term investments if they are purchased on site rather than rented for a single project. They enable specialists to carry out their task with a greater sense of authority, urgency and safety, covering all of their bases at once.


How To Pick The Right Café Blinds For Your Shop

As a shop owner offering the local community coffee, tea and meals for their pleasure, there is a lot to consider on a day-to-day basis.

From seating arrangements and staff benefits to outdoor settings and purchasing wholesale supply of foods, the decisions that are made on the margins can make a big difference at the end of the day.

One of those marginal calls will be the profile of café blinds that are purchased.

Whilst they are not a significant consideration on the surface, this is an item that will affect the light exposure, the temperature of the space, the aesthetic of the premises and the overall culture and vibe that is established in the environment.

Here we will examine some key tips to allow owners to make an educated judgment on what brand will suit their space the best.


Best Quality Materials

Shop owners who are scouring the market for café blinds will have a number of different priorities depending on their circumstances and their tastes. Yet if you want a product that truly ticks all of the boxes, the best approach to take first up is to invest in the best quality material that is evident on the open marketplace. There are metal designs that stand out and can withstand strong outside winds, or wooden and faux wood items that fit into a lovely natural décor for outlets in the suburbs or in a rural community. For those that want a flexible and durable asset that will require little conditioning or maintenance, it is wise to opt for a high quality PVC blind. This synthetic plastic is used for a variety of applications, but it is perfect for those owners that want coverage that won’t be compromised.


Practical Function For The User

From automated roller café blinds to manual flick models that require intervention from the user, there are different ends of the spectrum when it comes to the practical function of the product. For establishments that are bustling with activity where the location of the blind to the window makes it difficult to alter, this is where a user-friendly or automated item can be of use. If staff continually have to bypass customers and interfere with their experience inside the café, that is a recipe for disaster. Make a judgment on the vicinity and consider what is practical.


Climate Control


On the subject of practicality, it is important to shop for café blinds that will allow the establishment to manage the temperature and lighting inside the space. Avoiding morning or afternoon glare is paramount, particularly for those shops that are situated right where the sun enters front on from the doors. If the store is guarded by windows from all angles where the glare is all encompassing, then there will be a need to leverage that light and the heat that emanates from that exposure without overbearing the room. Using open shades or slats to maneuvering the covering can give the owner complete control – allowing some warmth in the morning and trapping it for the remainder of the day.


Available Cash From The Budget

We have identified high quality PVC café blinds as an item that is likely to be the most durable, but it also happens to be one of the most affordable options in the market. For those establishments in the inner cities or wealthy communities where prestige and presentation is a major priority, then faux wood or metal could be seen as a quality return on investment to bring in that clientele. However, for those businesses that are carefully managing their financial affairs and are under pressure from rental costs and escalating fees, then synthetic plastic café blinds could deliver bang for very little buck.


Pertinent Questions To Ask Your After Hours Doctor

Consulting with an after hours doctor can be a great benefit for members of the community who struggle to visit their general practitioner on location.

Whether that is due to mobility issues, time constraints or for pure convenience where age and ailments make the travel a difficult exercise, these professionals are on hand to service people in their own environment.

Yet many individuals end up wasting valuable time with these skilled and experienced operators, relying on the intuition of the doctor instead of posing questions that could lead to be a better and healthier outcome.

Here we will examine what questions can be asked of these operators, giving the patient more direct information that can be utilised for treatment or techniques that alleviate pain.


Are There Treatments That Must Be Done During Regular Hours?

For those individuals who continue to book their trusted after hours doctor for checkups and visitations on known ailments, that is acceptable if the professional is happy to continue that pattern. Yet there are likely to be certain treatments for some conditions that will warrant a consultation on site at the practice. This is where the appropriate medical equipment and supporting resources will be found and it is not feasible to take this to a person’s home premises. By asking them what will necessitate a visit away from home, that will inform all parties on where the line is.


Does My Current Situation Pay For Regular After Hours Care?

There will be operators who leave their practice open for their after hours doctor to be of service, but that can carry additional costs. This is especially the case with professionals who undertake home visits after 6pm and before 8am in the morning. To subsidise this type of care, citizens need to be aware of their private health insurance and Medicare status, ensuring that they are not paying hefty fees that could easily be avoided with a moment of clarity.


What Should Happen During an Emergency Situation?

The average patient will not be needing to see an after hours doctor, as they will likely book a visitation with their GP at their practice or during those extreme situations, they will visit an emergency room at the nearest hospital. In the event that there is an emergency with an internal issue, organ failure, a severe muscle tear or a respiratory problem where basic breathing is a causing distress, it is vital that the individual speaks with their specialist to know what to do. These moments can strike at the most inopportune of times, so people have to take proactive action to understand what strategy to take.


Can I Have a Formal Written Letter/Document Outlining My Ailments and Medicine/Treatment Needs?

There will be situations whereby a patient who is in need of an after hours doctor will be elderly or their lack of mobility will cause issues down the line. To avoid these circumstances from spiraling out of control, it is paramount that they have on hand documentation and written proof of what the ailment is, what treatments are required or available, and the contact information for the professional and emergency lines. This is often seen with communities who are situated in isolated rural areas, allowing citizens to access on site care and having those details on hand if a new practitioner has arrived to treat the symptoms. All operators in this field will create their own records to keep for each patient, but it is valuable to have tangible copies of the necessary details on hand.



The important practice that individuals should adhere to is enjoying an open and honest dialogue with their after hours doctor irrespective of the circumstances. Sitting down and talking with them about these issues rather than leaving it to guesswork or assumption can be dangerous.


The Importance of Reverse Logistics

Reverse logistics relates to the backwards movement of products and goods in the supply chain. This can also relate to refurbishing and re-manufacturing of products. While we normally deal with products moving from distributor and then eventually to the customer the opposite is discussed in relation to reverse logistics.

In the past 15 to 20 years this has become all the more of an important topic as governments and companies around the world try to become more energy efficient in a bid to save money but to also save the planet.

The part of the supply chain that includes reverse logistics will deal with such things as containers for alcohol or milk crates that have been used before at a different stage of the supply chain. Many companies then seek to re-introduce them into the cycle once more so that they can be used again and again

Many of us interact with reverse logistics a lot more than we think we do. For example, when we use the internet to find something new to wear or to use, we often can buy it over the internet and be safe in the knowledge that we can return it at no extra cost. This is afforded to us as companies have put in place Return to Origin processes whereby the supply chain management companies can then re add the stock into the inventory and re sell it. It is a one of the selling points about internet shopping, and a part of the process that people take advantage of a lot.

There are many reasons that companies implement reverse logistics systems and 5 of them are listed below:

  1. Implementing effective reverse logistics systems can improve customer loyalty. Feedback is crucial for any organisation out there and with this part of the supply chain working perfectly, customers are able to return faulty products as well as giving feedback and rating the service. All organisations should listen to their customers so that they can grow to serve their clients better in the future and this is one of the procedures that allows them to do that
  2. Reverse logistics can be used to recycle and reuse returned goods and to get more value out of them. Rather than throwing returned or faulty goods away they can be altered and reintroduced into the supply chain and placed back on the shelves for customers to choose again. This is an easy way for companies to cut costs.
  3. Growth is affected greatly by the supply chain, if all the steps are working efficiently then it spells good news for the company. The return part of the supply chain is an important cog in the machine and can go a long way to improving product lifecycles
  4. As already mentioned, companies need to have procedures in place to allow return of goods from the customer or to return unsold goods themselves to the supplier. This process helps with recycling goods, repackaging them and also reselling them once more. It is vital if a company wants to stay profitable and lean.
  5. Reverse logistics can help the company reduce costs. This cost reduction can be felt through transportation or administration, as the processes become more efficient and less likely to break down. Due to this fluidity, customers are more likely to buy or use this companies’ products again and again.


Supply chain management may not be the most exciting process of how a company operates however, it is a very important part of a company and when managed properly can help the company increase profitability and growth quite easily.



Are Professional Rubbish Removal Services Here to Stay or Simply a Fad?

When it comes to spending money, people have a right to be weary. There are hundreds of thousands of companies out there right this very second who are thinking up ways to get people to buy their products. As this is the case, there are many people out there who are cautious when it comes to opening their wallet.

When people are cautious, they are able to save themselves a penny or two and are able to escape the rat race the best that they can. The only problem with this is that life is meant to be enjoyed and so people should feel comfortable when it comes to spending money on things that they really want and/or need. Because of this, it can be helpful for people to access if something worth while or if it is simply a fad.

One example of this is the rise of minimalism. There are tons out there who are clearing out their homes in order to achieve a calmer and clutter free life. And many who are doing this are implementing professional rubbish removal from Sydney or de-cluttering experts in order to achieve this.


It is likely that professional rubbish removal services are here to stay as there will always be a time in people’s lives where they need to downsize

While the art of tidying up and minimalism is certainly a fad, this doesn’t mean that the same rules can be applied to professional rubbish removal services. The truth is that people are able to own as many things as they want and they are able to spend their money however they please. But if history is anything to go by, people are likely to experience a time in their lives where they will need to downsize.

For instance, two people may decide to end a marriage and will have to split up their possessions accordingly. Others may go through a financial crisis and will end up having to move into a smaller abode. For many, they will enter their twilight years and will need to downsize in order to move into a retirement area.

But whatever the reason may be, people are able to implement support with this task by implementing professional rubbish removal services. Some will have a lot to get rid of and some will only have a little but either way, items will be disposed of correctly and quickly when left in the hands of the professionals.


Professional rubbish removal services are likely to hang around as they help people who are unable to lift things


One of the many reasons why professional rubbish removal services are likely to withstand the test of time is because they simply solve a solution to a problem. Many people are able to lift heavy items in order to dispose of them so they will only be left with two choices. These choices are, keep the unwanted item or pay someone to remove it from their desired location for them.

While the majority of things people are able to dispose of themselves in their council waste bin, homes are also filled to the brim with items that they everyday person cannot carry. This can include whitegoods, heavy pieces of furniture, or garden rocks. These are also the types of things that happen to take up the most room and will end up being an eyesore. Thankfully, people are able to rely on the experts by implementing professional rubbish removal services and will no longer have to deal with such items.


How to Beat Motion Sickness on a Grand Canyon Helicopter Tour

Going on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour is an incredible experience, but it’s not much fun if you’re suffering from motion sickness. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to stop queasiness before it starts and make sure it doesn’t stop you from having a great time.


What is motion sickness?

It’s essentially nausea and dizziness caused by motion. It’s often triggered by moving in a vehicle such as a plane, bus or car. It’s believed to be caused by conflicting sensory signals in the ears, eyes and brain. The symptoms of motion sickness include:

  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Sweating
  • Salivation
  • Headache; and
  • Vomiting

Some of the risk factors for experiencing motion sickness are:

If you are prone to experiencing motion sickness, it’s a good idea to take some precautions before embarking on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour in order to have the best experience possible. Some of the ways you can prevent it include:


Being mindful of your consumption

Before your flight it’s a good idea to avoid consuming anything that could potentially disagree with your stomach. Foods that make you feel full, have strong odours or are heavy or spicy may make symptoms worse in certain people. Excessive alcohol and cigarette smoking could also worsen symptoms.


Consume ginger

Ginger is a natural plant which many people find helps prevent nausea and other symptoms of motion sickness. Try taking 1-2 grams of ginger 30-60 minutes before your Grand Canyon helicopter tour for optimum results. You can take it in tablet, liquid or raw form. Consult with your doctor before you use ginger if you are on blood thinners.


Ride smart

The front of the chopper experiences less motion than the back, so try to sit towards the front if you can. And if you’re really sensitive to motion sickness, try to avoid looking down as the increased visual motion may cause symptoms to be heightened. Focusing on a fixed point inside the vehicle can also make symptoms worse. Instead, focus on the horizon. Pilots generally don’t experience motion sickness as they are looking at the horizon.


Use “verbal placebos”

Studies have shown that using “verbal placebos” –  like telling yourself that you won’t get motion sickness – is effective at stopping it from occurring. Use positive self-talk to reduce the likelihood of experiencing motion sickness on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour.


Exposure therapy

Exposing yourself to symptoms of motion sickness may help you become desensitised to them. This can help to reduce symptoms or abolish them altogether. Try to expose yourself to quick bursts of symptom-causing activities such as reading on a bus, and work your way up to longer periods. Over time, you may notice that your symptoms are alleviated.


Try acupressure

Some people find acupressure to be an effective way to prevent motion sickness on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour, though studies have shown conflicting results. Pharmacies sell wristbands which claim to activate pressure points in order to relieve symptoms.


Use over-the-counter medication

For people with severe motion sickness, or if the above suggestions don’t work, over-the-counter medication may be able to help. Taking a medication such as Dramamine 30-60 minutes before take-off can help prevent symptoms from striking, though drowsiness is a common side effect of the drug. Consult your doctor for personalised advice; there are other alternatives such as medical patches that may be useful.



Be sure to put preventative measures in place to reduce the likelihood of experiencing motion sickness on your Grand Canyon helicopter tour.

Left Out In The Cold

Walking through the snow and all I could think about was the hot water cylinder. The warmth that water would produce in my body is nearly unimaginable at this point. There are icicles forming at the end of my nose and fingers. Feeling my toes is a privilege I have long since forgotten. My shoes, not exactly built for 6 inches of snow, are a mix of soggy and frozen. Sometimes I think I feel ice forming between my foot and the shoe, I’m too scared to check. Taking my foot out of shoe would be leaving it completely open to the elements, far away from the comfort of warmth produced by a hot water cylinder.

A hot water cylinder, if you didn’t know, is a thing of magic. I’m not sure exactly how it works but I am sure it does. It has never ever let me down. Producing boiling hot water at the touch of a button, it is perfect for multiple uses. That cup of tea you’ve been craving all day or eliminating the waiting time for your shower, or in this case something to defrost the frozen substance accumulating underneath my foot.


I walk on trying to push the thoughts of a hot water cylinder to the back of my head. The events of the past 30 minutes travel around my head as if they are in a washing machine, wash, rinse, repeat. Wash, rinse, repeat. Heat seems like a distant memory but it was only just over half an hour ago that I was sitting in a car with one of my best friends. We were just coming out of the city, the sprawling suburbs had given way to forests, kilometres of forests, with a sleek white blanket covering them, it looked magical, but cold. Not that I thought it would happen, but I knew if you were left alone in a place like this, my thoughts would turn to the beauty of a hot water cylinder sooner rather than later.

Ironically, what led to this terrible turn of events was an argument about a hot water cylinder. Well, it was a discussion at first, which quickly turned into a heated one, excuse the pun. My friend, now possibly ex-friend decided in all his wisdom that if he had the choice about what method he would use to heat water, he would choose the old fashioned one. One that heated homes, rather inefficiently in my opinion, for years upon years. He argued that there was no need for change. That if his grandparents were able to survive why she he be any different, why couldn’t we keep the old way. He, it is fair to say, is a traditionalist, living in the 21st century but with a mind entrenched in the 20th.

I argued back that a hot water cylinder was the future of heat in the house. It was efficient, inexpensive and good for the environment. I couldn’t fathom how he held the opposite opinion. I was beginning to question not just his sanity, but mine too for being friends with him in the first place.

Our argument continued at length but as we continued, we both began to get more agitated, things turned personal and shortly after I found myself trudging through the snow with my wet shoes, my wet socks and a pang of regret. I’m not sure what we were both thinking becoming so agitated but when you truly believe in something’s quality, you have to stick up for it and that’s what I did when it came to the hot water cylinder.